What it means to have a web designer

web web webI have found myself bewildered lately. It’s about the state of how web designers are viewed as such a secondary resource in the presentation of a small business.
It is true that just about anyone who can type on a keyboard can make their own website, but generally, most small businesses don’t have the time to learn how to present themselves effectively online.
By effectively I mean to communicate visually in a way that creates and spurs interest in getting to know that business or owner. I see so many websites that start, but don’t finish, what they have to say.
At the end of the experience, a viewer should know why or why not to business with a company, and the company should show they know the difference.
If a ballet slipper company is trying to sell to me and my demographic, they’re ignoring the little girls who may be interested in their product.
Being specific in your message, giving cues as to who you’re talking to, and providing ideas to help your non-demographic be your ambassador is what helps a website communicate effectively.
In the end, there are so many tools a web designer has that the regular business owner can’t or won’t access, that it just makes sense to have a web designer as a primary resource in marketing and advertising a business online.
What do think?

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